9 people collected specimens from data in GBIF

Harold N Eyster

Collected Scorpaenidae

Andrew Bentley
Bentley, Andrew

United States

Identified Percidae and collected Gobiidae

Identified Gobiidae and collected Gobiidae

Identified Leiognathidae and collected Cichlidae

Philibert Commerson
Commerson, Philibert

* November 18, 1727 – March 13, 1773 †


Identified Ericaceae and collected Asteraceae

Identified Pomacentridae and collected Myctophidae

Identified Tetraodontidae and collected Scorpaenidae

Ferdinand von Mueller
von Mueller, Ferdinand

* June 30, 1825 – October 10, 1896 †

Germany; United Kingdom

Identified Fabaceae and collected Fabaceae

Identified Sparidae and collected Pomacentridae