6 people identified specimens from data in GBIF

Robbie N. Cada (modified by T. Michael Keesey)

Identified Macrouridae and collected Poeciliidae

Frable, Benjamin

United States

Identified Apogonidae and collected Pomacentridae

Identified Stomiidae and collected Ranidae

Rosenblatt, Richard Heinrich

* December 21, 1930 – October 14, 2014 †

United States

Identified Haemulidae and collected Gobiidae

Trewavas, Ethelwynn

* November 05, 1900 – August 16, 1993 †

United Kingdom; United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland

Identified Cichlidae and collected Cichlidae

Watkins-Colwell, Greg

United States

Identified Ranidae and collected Ranidae