18 people collected specimens from data in GBIF

Noah Schlottman, photo from Casey Dunn

Alexander Emanuel Agassiz
Agassiz, Alexander Emanuel

* December 17, 1835 – March 27, 1910 †

United States; Switzerland

Identified Cidaridae and collected Nymphalidae

Identified Nereididae and collected Nereididae

Collected Astropectinidae

Frable, Benjamin

United States

Identified Apogonidae and collected Pomacentridae

Giribet, Gonzalo

United States

Identified Symbiidae and collected Triaenonychidae

Hayward, Bruce W.

New Zealand

Identified Bolivinellidae and collected Stilostomellidae

Matsumoto, Hikoshichirō

* June 09, 1887 – September 01, 1975 †


Identified Euryalidae and collected Euryalidae

Identified Holothuriidae and collected Xanthidae

Mills, Victoria

New Zealand

Identified Ophiopyrgidae and collected Ophiopyrgidae

Moore, Glenn


Identified Pomacentridae and collected Pomacentridae

Identified Buccinidae and collected Buccinidae

Mary J. Rathbun
Rathbun, Mary J.

* June 11, 1860 – April 14, 1943 †

United States

Identified Portunidae and collected Asteriidae

Rosenblatt, Richard Heinrich

* December 21, 1930 – October 14, 2014 †

United States

Identified Haemulidae and collected Gobiidae

Identified Sabellidae and collected Polynoidae

Roy, Virginie


Identified Liparidae and collected Ophiopyrgidae

Georg Ossian Sars
Sars, Georg Ossian

* April 20, 1837 – April 09, 1927 †


Identified Aetideidae and collected Cottidae

Identified Buccinidae and collected Galatheidae

Wallis, Elycia


Identified Euphausiidae and collected Porcellanidae