10 people identified specimens from data in GBIF

Mali'o Kodis, photograph by Bruno Vellutini

Identified Triaenonychidae

Buckley, Thomas

New Zealand

Identified Phasmatidae and collected Curculionidae

Identified Peripatidae and collected Ricinoididae

Dendy, Arthur

* January 20, 1865 – March 24, 1925 †

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland

Identified Geoplanidae and collected Asteraceae

Identified Henicopidae and collected Henicopidae

Identified Philodinidae and collected Lumbricidae

Giribet, Gonzalo

United States

Identified Symbiidae and collected Triaenonychidae

Mayer, Georg


Identified Peripatopsidae and collected Peripatopsidae

Identified Nereididae and collected Phyllidiidae

Identified Theridiidae