17 people collected specimens from data in GBIF


Identified Curculionidae and collected Staphylinidae

Ashe, James S.

* February 23, 1947 – December 27, 2005 †

United States

Identified Staphylinidae and collected Staphylinidae

Buckley, Thomas

New Zealand

Identified Phasmatidae and collected Curculionidae

Collected Chrysomelidae

Cazier, Mont A.

* May 27, 1911 – September 29, 1995 †

United States

Identified Melolonthidae and collected Noctuidae

Identified Chrysomelidae and collected Chrysomelidae

Stylianos Chatzimanolis
Chatzimanolis, Stylianos

United States

Identified Staphylinidae and collected Staphylinidae

DeLong, Dwight M.

* April 06, 1892 – August 23, 1984 †

United States

Identified Cicadellidae and collected Cicadellidae

Identified Staphylinidae and collected Staphylinidae

Fullerton, Stuart

* March 08, 1940 – April 05, 2014 †

United States

Identified Ichneumonidae and collected Halictidae

Identified Ichneumonidae and collected Cicadellidae

Identified Scelionidae and collected Scelionidae

Identified Formicidae and collected Formicidae

Identified Nitidulidae and collected Curculionidae

Identified Curculionidae and collected Chrysomelidae

Tatarnic, Nikolai


Identified Miridae and collected Miridae

Identified Carabidae and collected Staphylinidae