21 people identified specimens from data in GBIF

B. Duygu Özpolat

Identified Nereididae and collected Nereididae

Barr-Bigelow, Margaret Elizabeth

* April 16, 1923 – April 01, 2008 †


Identified Mycosphaerellaceae and collected Pezizaceae

William Blaxland Benham
Benham, William Blaxland

* March 29, 1860 – August 21, 1950 †

New Zealand

Identified Polynoidae and collected Chiridotidae

Ralph Vary Chamberlin
Chamberlin, Ralph Vary

* January 03, 1879 – October 31, 1967 †

United States

Identified Alciopidae and collected Phrynosomatidae

Elder, leanne

United States

Identified Diadumenidae and collected Polynoidae

Giribet, Gonzalo

United States

Identified Trochidae and collected Triaenonychidae

Identified Spionidae and collected Cirratulidae

Haas, Fritz

* January 04, 1886 – December 26, 1969 †

Identified Veneridae and collected Unionidae

Hosie, Andrew


Identified Archaeobalanidae and collected Muricidae

Itani, Gyo


Identified Polynoidae

Identified Mytilidae

Marian H. Pettibone
Pettibone, Marian H.

* 1908 – 2003 †

United States

Identified Polynoidae and collected Polynoidae

Identified Buccinidae and collected Buccinidae

Identified Sabellidae and collected Polynoidae

Seid, Charlotte

United States

Identified Polynoidae and collected Cidaridae

Identified Oncaeidae and collected Daphniidae

Identified Mopaliidae and collected Mopaliidae

Identified Amphiuridae and collected Pectinidae

Identified Polynoidae and collected Polynoidae

Identified Nuculanidae and collected Sternaspidae

Wilson, Nerida


Identified Philobryidae and collected Philobryidae