10 people collected specimens from data in GBIF

Yan Wong

Collected Alpheidae

Identified Portunidae and collected Portunidae

Giribet, Gonzalo

United States

Identified Trochidae and collected Triaenonychidae

Haas, Fritz

* January 04, 1886 – December 26, 1969 †

Identified Veneridae and collected Unionidae

Hayward, Bruce W.

New Zealand

Identified Bolivinellidae and collected Stilostomellidae

Lotufo, Tito


Identified Didemnidae and collected Didemnidae

Identified Holothuriidae and collected Xanthidae

Identified Ototyphlonemertidae and collected Ascidiidae

Identified Gastrodontidae and collected Polygyridae

Identified Alcyoniidae and collected Alcyoniidae