6 people identified specimens from data in GBIF

David Sim (photograph) and T. Michael Keesey (vectorization)

Lieven Ferdinand de Beaufort
de Beaufort, Lieven Ferdinand

* March 23, 1879 – May 11, 1968 †

Kingdom of the Netherlands

Identified Sphaeriidae and collected Rhinolophidae

Giribet, Gonzalo

United States

Identified Trochidae and collected Triaenonychidae

Identified Nereididae and collected Phyllidiidae

Identified Tethyidae and collected Axinellidae

Seid, Charlotte

United States

Identified Polynoidae and collected Cidaridae

Voss, Eduard

* July 03, 1884 – November 02, 1974 †


Identified Cyperaceae and collected Cyperaceae