13 people identified specimens from data in GBIF


Identified Macrouridae and collected Poeciliidae

Andrew Bentley
Bentley, Andrew

United States

Identified Percidae and collected Gobiidae

Frable, Benjamin

United States

Identified Apogonidae and collected Pomacentridae

Samuel Garman
Garman, Samuel

* June 05, 1843 – September 30, 1927 †

United States

Identified Dactyloidae and collected Equidae

Identified Pomacentridae and collected Myctophidae

Karan, Elizabeth

United States

Identified Stomiidae

Identified Stomiidae and collected Cyprinidae

Identified Stomiidae and collected Ranidae

McAllister, Donald Evan

* August 23, 1934 – June 17, 2001 †


Identified Cottidae and collected Cottidae

Mead, Giles W.

* 1928 – 2003 †

Identified Bramidae and collected Aetideidae

Moore, Glenn


Identified Pomacentridae and collected Pomacentridae

Polanco, Andrea


Identified Rajidae

Watkins-Colwell, Greg

United States

Identified Ranidae and collected Ranidae