9 people identified specimens from data in GBIF

Armelle Ansart (photograph), Maxime Dahirel (digitisation)

Identified Bursidae and collected Mytilidae

Cernohorsky, Walter Olivier

* June 30, 1927 – September 23, 2014 †

New Zealand

Identified Nassariidae and collected Cypraeidae

Identified Corbulidae and collected Cypraeidae

Identified Veneridae and collected Veneridae

Krimmel, Erica

United States

Identified Mactridae and collected Asteraceae

Julius Arthur Nieuwland
Nieuwland, Julius Arthur

* February 14, 1878 – June 11, 1936 †

United States

Identified Volutidae and collected Polygonaceae

Identified Costellariidae and collected Annulariidae

Schuchert, Charles

* July 03, 1858 – November 20, 1942 †

United States

Identified Stropheodontidae and collected Obolidae

Sharp, Phyllis

United States

Identified Cypraeidae and collected Pyramidellidae